Olymp Trade Broker Review | Start Trading With $1 Only

Olymp Trade Broker Review

Olymp trade is an equal-opportunity Fixed time trades broker because it provides traders from different works of life with the opportunity to participate in financial trading.

The platform accepts the lowest investment deposit ($10) and it also allows the lowest trading amount ($1)

In this post we show you all the ins and outs of Olymp Trade. Beginning with if it is regulated – then how it works, where you can use it – on which devices – in which countries, how to use the platform to make money online and more.

Name: Olymp trade, www.olymptrade.com

Brand name: Smartex International Limited

Headquarter: Kingstown, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines

Year of establishment: 2014

Regulation: IFC

Olymp trade website

The set of the Olymp trade website is simple, easily navigable, provides clear information, and is new user-friendly.

First-time users will enjoy navigating the website, and due to ready and easily accessible educational info, they can start earning money almost immediately.

Fixed time trades and other types of financial trade is about getting sufficient education and practicing what you have learned. Olymp trade does not just give you easily accessible education; you can practice what you have learned and gain more experience in the market – risk free – with the Olymp Trade demo account. 

Fixed time trades

Just like Forex trading, fixed time trades is lucrative and traders can make as much as 90% plus from their investment; but it’s also very risky. You can lose all your investment if you are not careful.

The reason is that fixed time trades only give two trading decisions; you can either trade up or down. Therefore, due to the very risky nature of FTTs, new users are advised to demo trade until they gain a certain level of confidence.

Olymp trade broker allows you to practice your skill for as long as you want, and this is made possible with their demo trading account which by the way, is $10,000 units easily replenished each time you run out. At no cost.

Olymp Trade Live Account

Once you have reached a certain level of confidence in your acquired trading skill, and you are trading profitably, then you can start to trade live to make real cash.

If you have a low budget or wish to try your hands on live trading with little risk, then just make a minimum deposit of $10 and trade in bits of $1 per trade each time winning up to 80% profits.

Is Olymp Trade a Regulated Broker?

Olymp Trade is regulated by the IFC (International Financial Commission). This financial regulation is an honor that is only given to honest and reliable organizations that have consistently showcased high-quality service since their incorporation.

The IFC offers guaranteed security of about €20,000. With this regulation, investors can trade with peace of mind.

What gives Olymp Trade Credibility in This Space? Awards!

Apart from trading regulation, another way customers can be assured of the Olymp trade mission and service is through their award. Since inception, Olymp trade has bagged multiple awards, and still continue to eye more. Some of the awards Olymp Trade has won over time include: –

    1. The best financial broker from CPA award 2017
    2. Best FTTs trading platform – Le Fonti 2016
    3. Two times Best FTTs broker – 2016 and 2017
    4. The fastest-growing broker 2016
    5. Best Trade FB community

Client Support | Olymp Trade  Contacts 

Olymp Trade has a team of active and knowledgeable client support that operates 24/7. The support teams are real people and not bots.

You can contact Olymp Trade via: –

  1. Live Chat 
  2. Call +27 (21) 1003880 Cape Town, South Africa
  3. Call +54 (11) 59175747 Buenos Aires, Argentina
  4. Email – support-en@olymptrade.com
  5. Call – +234 (1) 2279021 – Lagos, Nigeria 
  6. Email – vip@olympmanager.com, VIP customer service 
  7. Help fin@holymptrade.com, for deposit and withdrawals 

Trading platform

The Olymp trade platform is online, no need to download any software. Once you complete registration, you can easily access their live or demo trading platform

If you are an Android user, download the Olymp Trade app from Google play to access the mobile trading platform.

Apple users are not left out as they can download the trading app on their iOS device.

The platform features include inbuilt forecasting tools for accurate trading forecasting, free webinar notification for further trading, and on-the-go trading strategies to increase your winning rate.

The Olymp trade mobile app is different from others because it has an ideal interface for all devices. Users can just open and start checking information.

Does Olymp Trade Work in My Country?

Olymp trade is not accessible to people living in the United States, Australia, Japan, Israel, the EU, Canada, and Japan.

However, you can use the platform in Asia, Africa, South America and in some countries in Europe.

Strategies for Winning More in Olymp Trade 

Olymp Trade Account Types 

Olymp trade broker has two categories of accounts, and they are a demo and live account. Under the live account, there is a VIP and Live account.

The VIP Account

To qualify for the VIP account, users are expected to deposit a minimum of $2000, and interesting benefits will be unlocked.

The most vital advantages of the VIP account is traders will be matched with: –

  1. A personal consultant
  2. Increased profits 
  3. Unique trading strategies 
  4. Traders get free access to VIP webinars 
  5. Get higher limits to trade 
  6. Regular reviews 
  7. Free risk free trades 
  8. VIP signals and more

See more info about these benefits on this article: – Why You Need to Activate Your Olymp Trade VIP Account

Olymp Trade Standard Account

The minimum deposit for this account is $10, and traders can trade as low as $1 and a maximum of $2000.

The minimum payout amount is $10 for the standard account.

The withdrawal request is just once daily and it takes about 3 days to be processed. Unless of course you have withdrawn to SKRILL which processes payments instantly.

Olymp Trade Deposit And Withdrawal Methods 


Olymp Trade broker is the best decision for traders that want to test the financial trading waters with little investments. Also, if you desire to make a career from financial trading, then Olymp trade platform is the best place to start.

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